Re: reAutoScale


Sorry Doug, but I don't have a solution to your problem. I only wanted to
report a similar observation I made a few days ago. I had a fully
initialized data-structure, i.e. FlatField, Linear1DSet, DataReference, etc.
with dynamically created data. So the autoscaling does it's work on the
first setting of the data via FlatField.setSamples( ... ). But if I later
wanted to change the data via a new call to setSamples() no rescaling was
done. I could only fix this by a completely new created datastructure.

A few weeks ago I had a similar problem with another Program. There I am
able to load data from my own filetypes into a BasicSSCell. If I do so I am
asked if I want to clear the Cell or if I want to add the new data to the
old data. If I choose to clear the Cell the program-logic removes all
DataReferences and all ScalarMaps from the Cell before constructing the new
datastructure. So everything is fine but the axis seem to be scaled with the
old data instead of the new.

So please, what is the logic behind the autoscaling-mechanism of visad? When
and where is autoscaling done? I tried to look into your code but was not
able to find the autoscaling-part.

Thanks for any hint, Mathias

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