Re: Some problems with visad

Hi Martin,

> I am trying to implement a small display software for larger amount of 
> simulator data, and encountered a few problems I would like advice on:
> 1. How to store images produced by visad.
> The obvious way: displayImpl.getImage() does not seem to work, it produces an 
> Exception:
> Exception occurred during event dispatching:
> visad.VisADError: cannot call getImage() from Thread: AWT-EventQueue-0
> I am calling the getImage() method out of the actionPerformed() method of my 
> 'Save Image' Buttons actionHandler.
> Is there something I missed, or how does one save an Image?

You are probably trying to call getImage() from within an AWT
callback. In your callback, construct a new Thread for your
calls, as in, lines 758-780.

> 2. The amount of data.
> The data I try to display is apparently larger than a 220MB Java-VM is able 
> to handle. Are there any numbers, how much memory visad needs for it's 
> display?
> I am trying to display a dataCube, and as long as the Cube has less than 
> 50x50x50 cells, everything works out well, but beyond that, I get an 
> OutOfMemoryError.

Volume rendering (as in visad/examples/ uses a
lot of memory. You might first experiment displaying your
data with an iso-surface (as in visad/examples/

However, 50x50x50 cells is not very big. I suspect that there
is some other problem here.

Good luck,

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