Gridded2DDoubleSet constructors


I believe I have found a problem with the constructors of
Gridded2DDoubleSet.  When the constructors with signatures of

  Gridded2DDoubleSet(MathType, double[][], int)
  Gridded2DDoubleSet(MathType, double[][], int, CoordinateSystem,
                     Unit[], ErrorEstimate[])
  Gridded2DDoubleSet(MathType, double[][], int, CoordinateSystem,
                     Unit[], ErrorEstimate[], boolean)

are called, the double[][] samples array is not used.  It appears that
all that is needed is a call to init_doubles(double[][], boolean) on
line 204 of

I have added that call to a copy of that file, and it fixes the
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException I was getting when calling
domainEnumeration() of a Field that uses this as its domain Set.

If I am way off the mark here, I can supply a short program that
demonstrates the problem that led me to this area.


Russell Steicke
Bureau of Meteorology, Australia.

-- Fortune says:
Chaos is King and Magic is loose in the world.

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