RE: Problem building VisAD in java3d

Hi Dave,

> Jeremy Walton wrote:
> > This sounds like a good improvement - well done!  Thanks for letting me
> > know.
> Thanks for reporting it!  Feel free to let us know of any
> other problems you run into.

Oh, alright then.  ;-)  I (Solaris 2.8, Solaris_JDK_1.2.1_04c) first tried
the galaxy designer application, which looked nice.  Everything seems pretty
good, except for pressing the button to switch the view from flat to sphere.
This causes the X server to exit (at least, the next thing I get is the
Solaris login screen).  This appears to be reproducilble (I tried it twice,
then got tired).  I think I could give more information on the
hardware/software configuration if that was helpful - please let me know if
you need anything else here,



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