Re: Refreshing DisplayImplJ2D after loading a new file

> It gives a "visad.TypeException: ScalarType: name already used" stemming from
> Apparently it did not like the fact that I am trying to
> use the same row and column with the same names such as:
>      row = new RealType("X", SI.meter, null);    
>      column = new RealType("Y", SI.meter, null);
> I presume the name "X" is where it cracks.

Hi Tolga,

You need not have uniquely named RealTypes.  Try replacing your code above
   row = RealType.getRealType("X", SI.meter, null);
   column = RealType.getRealType("Y", SI.meter, null);

If RealTypes named "X" and "Y" already exist, this will use those,
and if they do not exist already, it will create them.


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