Re: visad on Macos X ????

Hi Ricardo,

> I am running Visad on Macos X.  I don't have to mention how disappoint I 
> am of this platform because probably by now everybody using this already 
> is. (not to mention the lack of Java3D...)
> The point is that I am running some of my programs that uses VisAD API 
> and the display doesn't seem to refresh quite well.  Effects like 
> zooming or moving the image on the display becomes unpractical.
> I wonder if somebody in the list knows about this problems and if you 
> found a solution for this.

The Java 1.3 that was made available with the first MacOS X release
had a fair number of bugs and performance problems, though it
apparently passed the Sun acceptance tests for Java 2 SE 1.3.  Some of
the problems have been addressed in a more recent "Mac OS X Java 3.1
Developer Preview 1" that I downloaded from the Apple Developer
Connection site, which is a beta of a release intended to be more
generally available soon.

The new release seems to perform very well with the VisAD spreadsheet
on MacOSX with 2D image files.  For example, try starting the
spreadsheet with

 java -jar visad.jar

and then load the images in

Dragging and zooming with shift-drag on a PowerBook G4 is as fast as
on my desktop Solaris/Sparc platform.

But I've found some new problems were introduced in the DP1 release,
for example the visad example Test34 ran fine in the original release
but now is drawn incorrectly.  I'm trying to isolate the problem so I
can report it as a bug that can be fixed before the general release.

As far as Java3D goes, there was another commitment from Apple at the
recent WWDC meeting to eventually make it available for MacOS X.



Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program

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