Re: Serializable visad-classes

Hi together,

> ScalarMap and ConstantMap are Serializable. DataReferenceImpl
> is not Serializable since it's design only works on the JVM
> where it was constructed. When you need to send a
> "DataReferenceImpl dr", construct "new RemoteDataReferenceImpl(dr)"
> and send it - on the receiving JVM it must be delcared as the
> RemoteDataReference interface.

That should be work so far, thanks Bill. But there seems to occure one more
problem. I don't have a RemoteDisplay on the receiving JVM. So I need to
have a DataReference instead of a RemoteDataReference because I see no way
to add a RemoteDataReference to a local Display. I tried to construct a
local DataReference via

DataReference reference = new DataReferenceImpl(remoteReference.getName());

But there I get an Exception because the Data I get from remoteReference
certainly is also a RemoteData which cannot be linked to a DataReference. So
how can I create a local DataReference in the receiving JVM out of the
RemoteDataReference? Or is there a way to add the RemoteDataReference to a
local Display?

Thanks, Mathias

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