Re: VisAD now DODS enabled


To use the DODS adapter, you must access the netCDF files through a DODS
server, so just putting it on a web page will not work.  You can obtain
more info about installing DODS at:

That said, a recent change to the ucar.netcdf package allows reading of
netCDF files from URLs.  This change has not been incorporated into
VisAD, but Unidata will be looking at using this as a mechanism for
providing direct Web access to netCDF files through VisAD.

Don Murray

> Gianluca wrote:
> Hi Tom,
>              I received your fwd from visad-list, and I tried
> immediatly to see the netCDF file throuth the DODS server of Unidata
> pasting on SpreadSheet cell the DODS URL, and it works great! Could it
> work good if I will post simply my netCDF files ( .nc) on a web page
> and after I call these files with the suffix .dods  ?? Or I have to
> use an apposit DODS server?
> Thanks,
> Gianluca

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