More Probs with FormularManager


On Friday 11 May 2001 19:26, Curtis Rueden wrote:
> The formula code uses VisAD's ActionImpl logic to recompute formula
> outputs when the input values to the formula change.  ActionImpl
> creates a ThreadPool, which sits around after all its current tasks
> are completed, keeping the JVM alive.  You can fix this by calling
> ActionImpl.stopThreadPool() at the end of Eval's main method.

works fine, thanks.

> >2. The FormularManager doesn't work if the to be calculated formula
> > doesn't contain any variable. E.g.

works fine now, too.

Another question:

How to use FormulaManager.remove() ?

I added 


to the end of the example, but I get 

visad.formula.FormulaException: Cannot remove variable f because other 
variables depend on it!
        at visad.formula.FormulaManager.remove(
        at FormulaManagerTest.main(

Which variables depend on f? (BTW, the same happens for remove("x")).

 |lmo |homas

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