Re: VisaD Tutorial, Section 2.1, P2_01 Application

Hi Doug,

> Even though I have a 3 button mouse on my NT box, I still need to use
> the right and left button together to get the correct "middle" button
> behavior.

I've just tested 2- and 3d displays on a Win 2000 machine (jdk1.3_02,
Java 3d ver 1.1.2 win 32 openGL) and all I can say is, there is a very
strange behaviour. Though I get the cursor when I click the middle mouse
button, the display rotates/moves while the cursor gets stuck. The
correct behaviour (movable cursor) is achieved by pressing the left and
the right mouse buttons together, as you said.

The tutorial describes the default behaviour, as put in the VisAD Java
Component Library Developers Guide 

See section 4.4 (



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