Re: Display of 1D data from a 2D image

I had to download the new visad source and recompile to access
visad/bom/ I have jdk1.3 and
java3D 1_1_2 installed on a PC running Windows 98 and
 the previous compilation had gone fine, but now I get an error.
I have attached the output from nmake -f Makefile.WinNT compile.
Any help would be appreciated.


>> Is there a relatively straightforward way in visad for the data values
>> corresponding to a line being dragged across an image to be displayed
>> in a plot (somewhat as in Collage available from NCSA)?
> Check out visad/bom/
> It allows you to draw curves (with the right mouse button
> help down), and display them. The main() method demos
> how to use the class.
> Good luck,Bill

Microsoft (R) Program Maintenance Utility   Version 1.50
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corp 1988-94. All rights reserved.

        if exist *.class del *.class
        if exist cluster\*.class del cluster\*.class
        if exist collab\*.class del collab\*.class
        if exist java3d\*.class del java3d\*.class
        if exist java2d\*.class del java2d\*.class
        if exist python\*.class del python\*.class
        if exist browser\*.class del browser\*.class
        if exist util\*.class del util\*.class
        if exist matrix\*.class del matrix\*.class
        if exist math\*.class del math\*.class
        if exist formula\*.class del formula\*.class
        if exist ss\*.class del ss\*.class
        if exist data\*.class del data\*.class
        if exist data\units\*.class del data\units\*.class
        if exist data\netcdf\*.class del data\netcdf\*.class
        if exist data\netcdf\units\*.class del data\netcdf\units\*.class
        if exist data\netcdf\in\*.class del data\netcdf\in\*.class
        if exist data\netcdf\out\*.class del data\netcdf\out\*.class
        if exist data\fits\*.class del data\fits\*.class
        if exist ..\nom\tam\fits\*.class del ..\nom\tam\fits\*.class
        if exist ..\nom\tam\util\*.class del ..\nom\tam\util\*.class
        if exist ..\nom\tam\test\*.class del ..\nom\tam\test\*.class
        if exist ..\ucar\multiarray\*.class del ..\ucar\multiarray\*.class
        if exist ..\ucar\netcdf\*.class del ..\ucar\netcdf\*.class
        if exist ..\ucar\tests\*.class del ..\ucar\tests\*.class
        if exist data\hdfeos\*.class del data\hdfeos\*.class
        if exist data\hdfeos\hdfeosc\*.class del data\hdfeos\hdfeosc\*.class
        if exist data\vis5d\*.class del data\vis5d\*.class
if exist ..\edu\wisc\ssec\mcidas\*.class del ..\edu\wisc\ssec\mcidas\*.class if exist ..\edu\wisc\ssec\mcidas\adde\*.class del ..\edu\wisc\ssec\mcidas\adde\*.class
        if exist data\mcidas\*.class del data\mcidas\*.class
        if exist data\biorad\*.class del data\biorad\*.class
        if exist data\jai\*.class del data\jai\*.class
        if exist data\qt\*.class del data\qt\*.class
        if exist data\gif\*.class del data\gif\*.class
        if exist ..\ij\*.class del ..\ij\*.class
        if exist ..\ij\gui\*.class del ..\ij\gui\*.class
        if exist ..\ij\io\*.class del ..\ij\io\*.class
        if exist ..\ij\measure\*.class del ..\ij\measure\*.class
        if exist ..\ij\plugin\*.class del ..\ij\plugin\*.class
        if exist ..\ij\plugin\filter\*.class del ..\ij\plugin\filter\*.class
        if exist ..\ij\plugin\frame\*.class del ..\ij\plugin\frame\*.class
        if exist ..\ij\process\*.class del ..\ij\process\*.class
        if exist ..\ij\text\*.class del ..\ij\text\*.class
        if exist ..\ij\util\*.class del ..\ij\util\*.class
        if exist data\tiff\*.class del data\tiff\*.class
        if exist data\visad\*.class del data\visad\*.class
        if exist data\text\*.class del data\text\*.class
        if exist data\hdf5\*.class del data\hdf5\*.class
if exist data\hdf5\hdf5objects\*.class del data\hdf5\hdf5objects\*.class
        if exist ..\ncsa\hdf\hdf5lib\*.class del ..\ncsa\hdf\hdf5lib\*.class
if exist ..\ncsa\hdf\hdf5lib\exceptions\*.class del ..\ncsa\hdf\hdf5lib\exceptions\*.class
        if exist jmet\*.class del jmet\*.class
        if exist paoloa\*.class del paoloa\*.class
        if exist paoloa\spline\*.class del paoloa\spline\*.class
        if exist aune\*.class del aune\*.class
        if exist benjamin\*.class del benjamin\*.class
        if exist rabin\*.class del rabin\*.class
        if exist bom\*.class del bom\*.class
        if exist aeri\*.class del aeri\*.class
        if exist data\amanda\*.class del data\amanda\*.class
        if exist georef\*.class del georef\*.class
        if exist meteorology\*.class del meteorology\*.class
        if exist examples\*.class del examples\*.class
        javac -J-mx40m *.java visad.DisplayMonitorImpl should be declared abstract; it does not define controlChanged(visad.ScalarMapControlEvent) in visad.DisplayMonitorImpl
public class DisplayMonitorImpl
       ^ incompatible types
found   : visad.collab.RemoteDisplayMonitor
required: visad.RemoteDisplayMonitor
    RemoteDisplayMonitor rdm = rd.getRemoteDisplayMonitor();
                                                         ^ addListener(visad.DisplayMonitorListener,int) in visad.DisplayMonitorImpl cannot be applied to (visad.collab.RemoteDisplaySync,int)
      addListener(rd.getRemoteDisplaySync(), id);
      ^ incompatible types
found   : visad.collab.DisplayMonitor
required: visad.DisplayMonitor
    monitor = dpy.getDisplayMonitor();
                                   ^ visad.RemoteDisplayMonitorImpl should be declared abstract; it does not define controlChanged(visad.ScalarMapControlEvent) in visad.RemoteDisplayMonitorImpl
public class RemoteDisplayMonitorImpl
5 errors
NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'JAVAC' : return code '0x1'

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