J3D Benchmarks? Was: Java3D for linux

Steve Kirby wrote:

> Hello,
> I didn't see Java3D for Linux at the sun site.  Without it I can't get
> VisAD to compile on a Linux machine!!  Has anybody done this?
> Thanks.
> Steve

www.blackdown.org has a version which I use.  It installs sweetly
from my experience.  You will need Mesa3D or support from hardware
drivers for OpenGL.


I've finally (mostly)successfully upgraded XFree86 under Red Hat 6.2
to the 4.0 release which includes support for my NVidia chipset on
an Elsa Gloria II board.  It runs well on my relatively simple problems.

I'm looking for good benchmarks for performance out there.

It looks like most (all?)PC Cards are designed to meet the needs of
interactive gaming... Quake/Doom which is mostly texture mapping
rather than polygon punching...

Does anyone have any pointers to benchmarks?  Anyother Linux
users?  Accellerated driver users?

- Steve

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