Re:run problem

Hi Jacky,

On a Win98 system, you should include the following line in your

    set CLASSPATH=C:\vis;.

Where "C:\vis" is the parent directory to your VisAD directory.
You should not need to include "\" in your CLASSPATH (all the "\"
would do is allow you to run Java programs located in your hard
drive's root directory, something that is not necessary for VisAD).

If you include "." in your CLASSPATH, and have the examples installed
in, say, "C:\vis\visad\examples", then from that directory you should
be able to launch the examples by running "java Test00" or whatever
other example you wish to run.


At 13:52 2/2/01, you wrote:
> I found the answer to my problems. It was a simple case of not setting the 
> Classpath properly. The instructions asked me to include "." in the classpath 
> but I found out that on a win98 system it requires me to replace it with a 
> backslash  "\" instead. After having done this the examples works fine.
>I am not saying this should take place but I suggest the instructions should 
>be changed to include this factor.
>  Jacky

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