installation problems


I have installed VisAD on a SPARCstation-4 with SunOS Rel 5.6
java is in : /usr/java/
java version is 1.2.2

VisAD is in : /home/diamandi/VisAD/edu/
in .cshrc : setenv CLASSPATH  /home/adiamand/VisAD

I have modified the Makefile to reflect the location of the java directory :
JAVADIR = /usr/java
I "make compile"
and the compiler reports the errors related to the absence of the Java 3D

When I : java SimpleImage, in the .../VisAD/visad/exemples/, I get the
following error:

"Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:

I have read the visad-list  archive and according to the solution offered to
last guy who experienced the same problem, the above confoguration should
have worked. What I did wrong ?

Thank you in advance,


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