lost of resolution when printing


I have some difficults with the printing.

I'd want to choose the size that the graphic
will have in the sheet of paper :

this is my method print, specified by interface Printable:

    public int print(Graphics g, PageFormat pf, index in) throws...{

        AffineTansform af=new AffineTransform.....
        Graphics2D g2D=(Graphics2D)g;

        panel.paint(g2D); //where panel is

the AffineTransform makes the graphic "fill" the sheet of paper.
But when the JFrame containing the graphic is smaller than the
dimensions of the paper, there is a lost of resolution. When the JFrame
is quite small, I let you imagine the shape of my printing...

can somebody help me?
PS: and for DisplayImplJ3D?
cheers, Vladimir

                   Vladimir ALTUNA - Ste SEGIME

RENAULT - Service 18741       tel : (33) 1 30 03 28 00
TCR AST 0 50                  fax : (33) 1 34 95 36 30
1 Avenue du Golf
78288 Guyancourt

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