Re: VisAD Tutorial now available

Hello Bill H. and the VisAD list,

   I have one question about the image. 

//data Init
   DisplayImpl[] dpys = new DisplayImpl[2];
    dpys[0] = new DisplayImplJ3D("display1"); // 3D window
    dpys[1] = new DisplayImplJ2D("display2"); // 2D window

I want to get the images from these two windows and encoding these two
inmage into GIF file.

   BufferedImage image0= dpysloc[0].getImage();
   BufferedImage image1= dpysloc[1].getImage();

but I find out the image types are different. 

         image0= dpys[0].getImage();
         image1= dpy[1].getImage();

2D image is sucessful in tranfer into Gif file, 3D image is not.

Can I get the same image type from 2D&3D windwos or change image type later?

-cheers, shinta

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