Re: Gridded3DSet.isosurf() method, color levels

Hello to Bill H. and the VisAD mailing list,

Another question(s) about colors:
One of the parameters to the Gridded3DSet.makeIsoSurface() method looks
like an R,G,B tuple for each point in the gridded set.  My question(s) is,

1) Where are these values computed?  In other words, what class(es) is/are
   responsible for this? and

2> How are these values computed (conceptually)?  Or perhaps another way
   of asking would be, on what basis are these color values computed?
   Is there a mapping from grid values to color values?  and

3) Could the inverse computation be done?  Could one write a function that
   computed the original sample point from the color values (within some
   margin of error)?

     * @param isolevel     -the isosurface value
     * @param fieldValues  -the set of input data values
     * @param color_values -an R,G,B tuple for each sample point
     * @param indexed      -returns TRUE if optimization on
     * @return array       -a triangle strip array (VisADTriangleStripArray)
    public VisADGeometryArray makeIsoSurface(float isolevel,
                                             float[] fieldValues, 
                                             byte[][] color_values, 
                                             boolean indexed)

-cheers, bob

PS. Thanks to Bill H. for answering my last question(s)!

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