Re: 20000228: Support for printing added to DisplayImpl

> 3) If there is some other window covering the display's component, that
> will become part of the output. This is an artifact of the getImage()
> method, and we are looking for a workaround or solution. You can see an
> example of this by running Test51 (which uses the getImage method) by
> placing another window partially on top of the primary display window.

Its actually an artifact of Java3D.  This works fine for
Java2D, as can be seen in Test50.  The problem is that Java3D
uses OpenGL for rendering, and the OpenGL implementation may
not even render in parts of window beneath other windows.

This new printing capability is very nice - thank you.

Bill Hibbard, SSEC, 1225 W. Dayton St., Madison, WI  53706
hibbard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  608-263-4427  fax: 608-263-6738

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