Gridded3DSet.make_normals() & poly_triangle_stripe()

Hello to Bill Hibbard and the mailing list.

Can someone help me out and tell me what these parameters are for
the make_normals() method in the Gridded3DSet class?

Here's the signature:
     * @param VX, VY, VZ -the x,y,z coordinates of the vertices
     * @param NX, NY, NZ -the x,y,z components of each normal vector
     * @param nvertex -the number of vertices
     * @param npolygons -the number of polygons
     * @param Pnx, Pny, Pnx - ?
     * @param NxA, NxB, NyA - ?
     * @param NxB, NzA, NzB - ?
     * @param Pol_f_Vert - ?
     * @param Vert_f_Pol - ?
    public static void make_normals(float[] VX, float[] VY, float[] VZ,
                                    float[] NX, float[] NY, float[] NZ, 
                                    int nvertex, int npolygons, 
                                    float[] Pnx, float[] Pny, float[] Pnz,
                                    float[] NxA, float[] NxB, float[] NyA, 
                                    float[] NyB, float[] NzA, float[] NzB,
                                    int[] Pol_f_Vert, int[] Vert_f_Pol)

i've filled in what some of them are.  The ones with '?' i still don't
know.  The Pnx..NzB look like temporary arrays to hold intermediate
results of some sort.  What are the int[] Pol_f_Vert and the int[]
Vert_f_Pol? Are they mappings of some sort from polygons to vertices?

Also what does poly_triangle_stripe() do?  It looks like it calculates the
size of a triangle strip array.  However, conceptually speaking, what is
the size of a triangle strip array?  Does it include an array that holds
the x,y,z values of each vertex and each vertex normal?

-cheers, bob

Robert S Laramee        tel:    (603) 868-1361 (new as of 19 Jan '00)
9 Woodman Ave, #316     office: (603) 862-0350
Durham, NH 03828        URL:

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