Hi Bill et al.

I want to make sure I'm not doing something stupid here. 

I have data of the type (x,y) -> (t,u,v)

I display t as contours (IsoContour) and u,v as a vector field
(Flow1X,Flow1Y). No problem so far, but I'd like to be able to turn each
of them off and on via my GUI. I have done this sort of thing
successfully by removing and adding DataReferences to the Display. But,
for this case, there is one DataReference for the whole thing. I can't
remove one (e.g. t countours) without removing the other (e.g. u,v
vectors). Do I have to create 2 distinct Fields with types:

(x,y) -> (t)
(x,y) -> (u,v)

If so, then I'd like to have my generic data reading code create
something like:

(x,y) -> (t)
(x,y) -> (u)
(x,y) -> (v)

But then, as far as I can tell, the Flow vectors won't work unless u and
v are part of the same Field. Is that the case? Then what do I do if I
want to have individual contours of u and v also? Do I have to have
multiple copies of data all over the place? Is there a better way to
add/remove data from the Display?


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