Re: Fw: FlatField display questions, and more...

Bill writes:
> Question 1. This sounds like a Java3D bug that I have
> encountered before, when NX, NY and NZ are not all equal.
> To comment more I'd have to reproduce the bug, but I
> wasn't able to compile your attached program because of
> the "import imago.model".

I forgot to mention: you should be able to comment out the
setupComponentDataReal() method contents, and the corresponding import
statements to get this to compile. Sorry, I should done that before
submitting the example. If you like, I can resubmit a ready-to-run example.

NX = NY = NZ = 12 in the test code; note that these are separate from xDim,
yDim, and zDim.

Otherwise, thanks for the timely feedback. I wasted too many hours trying to
get my example to work, and your explanation makes it clear that I was
trying the impossible.


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