Open-source Imaging Environments.

Attached is a list of imaging environments and tools I found, 
then used and ranked open-source first. Hopefully, many of you 
will collaborate with these user groups, around already 
well-built platform and user interface, rather than starting 
on your own, from scratch.

These can be seen as the equivalent of Numerical Recipes or
Graphics Gems.


GE Corporate R&D

---links for Image Processing/Analysis built on Java2D/JAI------
        NIH Image ported to Java                (source, 28K lines)
        for medical image data, < 4K^3.
        based on Java2D, AWT, Swing, with plug-ins.
        Image 2000                                      (source, Sept 2000)
        edit DAG chains, customizable menus, toolbar.
        based on JAI, with Java-bean plug-ins.       
        GISViewer                                       (source, 28K lines)
        for viewing/editing layers of GIS data.
        multivalent document: layer + behavior.
        OpenMap                                 (source, 91K lines)
        for GIS map, with Java-bean plug-ins.
        ArcExplorer, ArcIMS.                    (binary)
        for GIS, java-version not released yet.
        Java Image Preview Application  (binary)
        for astronomy.
        Pixies                                  (binary)
        for analysis of medical image sequences.
        based on JAI, use JNI extensively.
        java applets                            (source)
        for viewing medical images
        examples from book                      (source)
        Image Processing in Java.
        page to watch for success stories with JAI.

----links for 3D graphics & modeling built on Java3D/Java2D-----
        VisAd + Spreadsheet                     (source, 92K lines)
        for analysis+computation+display of atmospheric data.
        network of data reference, display, computation cell, UI.
        examples: GeoVista, Spreadsheet, DEMViewer.
        Portfolio + Display                     (binary)
        for astronomy: Astro3D, collaboration: Habanero, weather: Horizon
        utilities: loader, input device, pick/view, snapshot
        examples: Astro3D, Habanero.
        Webwinds                                (binary)
        for atmospheric data, drag-and-drop links.
        3D Virtual Whiteboard                   (binary)
        for flight/battle visualization.
        terrain texture-mapped + models
        SolidWorks 99                           (binary)
        for CAD/CAM applications.
        UG/AutoCAD-like MCAD environment.
        Open Visualization Data Explorer        (binary)
        based on OpenGL, Motif, C++.
        VRML & widgets                          (source)
        page to watch for success stories with Java3D.

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