Re: ScalarType name already used ?

>I'm developing an application that needs to display several times the
>same data model, based on different imput files. This application
>creates a new instance of a class, let's call it VisADViewer, for each
>file. When the second instance of the class is created, the following
>exception is thrown:
>Visad.TypeException : ScalarType: name already used
>This happens in this section of my code:
>RealType xRT = new RealType("latitude", null, null);
>RealType yRT = new RealType("longitude", null, null);
>RealType zRT = new RealType("temperature", null, null);
>I have nothing declared static... in my code. Did anybody ever
>experience something like that ? Any idea to solve the problem ?
>(My first thought is that something may be declared static in the visad


VisAD does maintain a static Vector of ScalarTypes.  To reuse the same
ScalarType again, use the following code:

RealType xRT = (RealType) ScalarType.getScalarTypeByName("latitude");
if (xRT == null) xRT = new RealType("latitude", null, null);

This code searches the static Vector for an already existing RealType
called latitude.  If it can't find it, it creates it.


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