Re: Small SpreadSheet problem

>The "Save SpreadSheet file" command is causing an
>ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.  This is because the loops that cycle
>through the HorizLabels and VertLabels have the variables NumVisX and
>NumVisY switched.

I noticed this bug shortly after the FTP release containing the
SpreadSheet's spreadsheet file improvements, and fixed it immediately.
Since then, I have fixed many other small SpreadSheet bugs as well,
all of which are now contained in the VisAD FTP distribution.

As a general rule to everyone, please make sure you have the latest
release of VisAD before reporting a bug.  It might be that we've
already fixed the problem you're experiencing.

I'm still interested in suggestions for making the SpreadSheet a
friendlier piece of software.  If anyone has any ideas, please
let me know.


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