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sorry about the previous texts, didn't realize I wasn't sending things in
plain text.
my apologies.


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> Hi Ethan,
> > Anyway, I'm visualizing real time data here (Time -> value1, value2,
> > valueN).  But I would like to store the data as it comes, into a netCDF
> > file. Bill has already given very useful on displaying data as it comes
> > (Thanks!). Is there a simple class library out there that can help me do
> > this? I just want a no frills class, just good enough to store the file,
> > and have VisAD read it again. Or would it be easiest to simply fill my
> > data object with the new data, and when I want to save, just use
> >
> >
> > The latter approach seems great if I had a .nc file to start with. But
> > the problem is I don't have one. My historical data is still in .txt
> > and I would like to get it into a .nc so that I can get the cycle
> > started. I.e. read a .nc, update with new data, and write a new .nc.
> The latter approach will work, even though you are not starting
> with a netCDF file.  That is, is
> a great way to create .nc files from scratch.
> Please let us know if you have any trouble with this.
> Cheers,
> Bill
> p.s., please try to send your messages as plain text rather than
> attachments, which are difficult to read with pine (which I use
> when I'm away from the office).
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