Irregular3DSet and double ?


First of all, I'd like to thank Bill et al. for having written such a
powerful Library.

Here are my two questions:

1>I'm using an Irregular3DSet to define the domain_set of a FlatField. I
need double precision for my datasets. Why can't we use double with an
Irregular3DSet ? Is there any other way to create a 3D domain_set based
on non gridded double values (w/o using Irregular3DSet) ?  I would like
to avoid rescaling and recasting to float the datasets to get the right
information on the scale axis.

2> Is there any way to make an axis display [-1000;1000] for let's say
data that have previously been rescaled to [-1.0;1.0] ?

Thank you so much for any help,

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