Re: Units problem

We can't seem to convert some units properly. This is what we have:

(in a for loop to print out the original units)
oldUnits: Cel
oldUnits: Cel
oldUnits: degrees_north

We then change all the Cel (celsius) units to Kelvin by doing this:

Unit[] newUnits = Unit.copyUnitsArray(oldUnits);
Unit toUnit = SI.kelvin;

for (int i=0; i < oldUnits.length; i++) {
    if (newUnits[i].toString().equals("Cel")) {

Printing out the new units array:
(in a for loop to print out the new units)
newUnits: K
newUnits: K
newUnits: degrees_north

We then create a FlatField ie.

FlatField newField
    new FlatField((FunctionType) field.getType(),

When I printed out the contents of newField, this is the output I get:
Component: 0    Type: MinTemp   Value: NaN      Units: Cel
Component: 1    Type: MaxTemp   Value: NaN      Units: Cel
Component: 2    Type: WindDir   Value: NaN      Units: degrees_north

which is wrong. We want to convert the units for Component 0 & 1 to
Kelvin but it keeps returning "Cel". Can anyone identify what we're doing
wrong please?


   _--_|\     Eugene Tan <E.Tan@xxxxxxxxxx>
  /      \    AutoTAF Project Developer 
  \_.--.*/    Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, VIC 3001, Australia
        v     Telephone: +613 9669 4652

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