Re: Spreadsheet status (was Re: setRange on IsoContour...)

> >I'm not talking about panning the scene, I'm talking about panning the
> >cursor.  At present, the cursor is only moveable along the user's line
> >of sight, not perpendicular to it.  Specifically, the breakdown occurs
> >around lines 400-500 or so of the MouseHelper code, where you are in the
> >Mouse.DRAGGED case.  The if-else-if logic that handles the mouse button
> >2 events does not ever reach it's final else statement, which would
> >presumably cause the cursor to pan.  It always acts as though shift or
> >control is being pressed, resulting in, respectively, the cursor moving
> >along the line of sight (drag_depth) or a rotation of the scene with the
> >cursor visible.  Somehow the boolean t2pressed gets set to true,
> >preventing the logic from reaching the last else statement, but I
> >haven't traced back to exactly where this happens.
> I tested this on my NT box, and it works fine.  However, I only have two
> mouse buttons, and simulate the middle button by pressing both buttons at
> once.  Try pressing both the left and right buttons on your mouse and see
> if you can get cursor panning to work that way.  Perhaps this logic only
> breaks on certain machine configurations.  Please let me know if you
> figure out what is causing the problem on your machine.

ah - i should have suspected as much.  i'm using a Microsoft mouse where
the scroll button is meant to work as the third or middle button. 
apparently it's somehow only "part way" working.  your solution,
pressing right and left simultaneously, solves this problem.  thanks! 
look forward to seeing your new developments.


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