Question about units package...


Below is a snippet of of Perl code that uses UDUNITS to translate a date as it
is stored in our netCDF files to something a human can read.

Digging around in the various examples and docs, I have not been able to figure
out how to do the equivalent using the Java units package.  Can somebody please
provide me with a pointer a specific example or tutorial that covers this?

Roland Schweitzer
NOAA-CIRES Climate Diagnostics Center           325 Broadway
NOAA/ERL/CDC - (R/CDC1)                         Boulder, CO 80303
.... (303) 497-6249 .... (303) 497-7013 FAX .... rhs@xxxxxxxxxxxx ....


#!/usr/bin/perl -w



   $time_units = "hours since 1700-1-1";

   if ( !($unit = UDUNITS::scan("$time_units"))) {
      print STDERR "Having trouble finding the units for time.\n";
      print STDERR "$time_units is not a valid time unit.\n";

   $udtim = 2298168.0;

   $unit->valtocal($udtim, $yr, $mon, $day,
                           $hour, $min, $sec);

   print "The time units are $time_units\n";
   print "The encoded time $udtim is $yr-$mon-$day $hour:$min:$sec\n";

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