IdentityCS and LogCS

Hi Don

Thanks for your help and the new 'IdentityCoordinateSystem' class you
have attached to your last mail.

Meanwhile I've tried to map a RealType object to a logarithmical scaled
ZAxis. I 've abided exactly to your solution, anyhow nothing occurs on
the display.  I've found out that I have never invoke the 'toReference'
method from IdentityCS and LogCS. Maybe that's the fault. But where do I
have to do this ?

Hereafter I've attached some code from my application.


 /** This method sets up DisplayTupleType and creates  a
CartesianProductCoordinateSystem with IdentityCS
         and LogCS. */

private void setLogScaledZAxis(RealType col, RealType row, RealType
height) throws VisADException, RemoteException

        SimpleXAxis = new DisplayRealType("SimpleXAxis", true, -1.0,
1.0, 0.0, null);
        SimpleYAxis = new DisplayRealType("SimpleYAxis", true, -1.0,
1.0, 0.0, null);

        DisplayTupleType simpleTupleType= new DisplayTupleType(new
DisplayRealType[] {



        IdentityCoordinateSystem ics = new IdentityCoordinateSystem(new
RealTupleType(col, row));

        LogZAxis = new DisplayRealType("LogZAxis", true, -1.0, 1.0, 0.0,

        LogCoordinateSystem lcs = new LogCoordinateSystem(new

        CartesianProductCoordinateSystem cpcs = new
CartesianProductCoordinateSystem(ics, lcs);

        displayTupleType = new DisplayTupleType(new DisplayRealType[] {
                                                  LogZAxis }, cpcs);


 /**  This method maps the RealTypes to the self defined
DisplayRealTypes */

 public void set_hill_map() throws VisADException, RemoteException
        setLogScaledZAxis(col, row, err_val);

        h_col_map = new ScalarMap(col, SimpleXAxis);
        h_row_map = new ScalarMap(row, SimpleYAxis);
        h_err_map  = new ScalarMap(err_val, LogZAxis);
        //h_err_range_map = new ScalarMap(err_val, Display.SelectRange);

        h_exp_map = new ScalarMap(exp_val, Display.RGB);

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