Problem In

Hi all. I try to run and the following error has been occurred.
Can anyone tell me what actually went wrong and how should I fix it. I'm
running the program in Windows95 and the Server Display is Ok.

Creating Java3D display...Unable to create the SocketSlaveDisplay: Option unsupported by protocol: create
        at Method)
        at visad.SocketSlaveDisplay.<init>(
        at visad.SocketSlaveDisplay.<init>(
        at Test68.setupServerData(
        at TestSkeleton.startThreads(
        at TestSkeleton.<init>(
        at UISkeleton.<init>(
        at Test68.<init>(
        at Test68.main(

By the way, I can't find the "socket_applet.html" in the example. May I know
where can I get that HTML file? Thanks a lot guys.

Have a cool VisAD Day....

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