Reversing Axes in 2D plots

Hello, all.

I have a 2D data set (pressure versus temperature), which I wish to display with pressure on the Y-Axis. Using the obvious

            myDisplay.addMap(new ScalarMap(myRangeType, Display.XAxis));
myDisplay.addMap(new ScalarMap((RealType), myDomainType.getComponent(0),Display.YAxis));

produces almost what I want: at the origin, the pressure coordinate has the lowest value in the data set, and at the top, it has the highest.

This is certainly the expected behavior for a generic data set, but it is a trifle unphysical in reference to an atmosphere, where the highest pressures occur at the "lowest" point.

Is there any obvious way to invert the scales of a scalar map? I didn't see one in the javadoc, but that doesn't mean it isn't there.


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