Re: Display stuff

  Of course, right after I hit send I scrolled right to section 4.4.2 of
the Developers Guide (which references the evil Test27)...but that code
snipped should get me started anyway.  Sorry about that!


Paul Gifford wrote:
> Hello,
>  - I use setScalarName() to get nice descriptions along the axes.
> However, when I examine the values by holding down both left and right
> buttons, the not-nice "internal" name is displayed in the upper left of
> the display.  Is there any way to get the nice description up there
> instead?
> - I would like to zoom in on the display.  I know I can shift-left drag
> but what I had in mind is drawing a box over the display and having the
> display zoom to the selection (changing the ranges).  Anyone have any
> starting suggestions on this?  Hopefully the ideas won't involve
> matter how I run that test (different JDKs, in or out of
> devel environment) it brings certain death to my machine and I have to
> hit the reset button...

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