Different colors in different displays

Hi together,

I developed an app which displays 4D-Datasets in a DisplayImplJ3D. The
user should be able to make a slice of his data. Therefore I implemented (with
former help of yours, thanks btw. :) a slicer with the
DirectManipulationRendererJ3D. So far so good.
Now it's getting a little bit more complicated. The slice should not be
shown in the original DisplayImplJ3D but in an alternative DisplayImplJ2D in a
new JFrame. Therefore I initialize the new display with all the relevant
data (ScalarMaps, ConstantMaps, MathTypes, etc.) of the original display and
pass, with the help of the doAction-Method of a CellImpl, the respective
samples to the FlatField of the new DisplayImplJ2D. This works pretty good. But
there seems to be a problem with the color visualization. The colours in the
new 2D-display are in some cases nearly the same than in the 3D-display.
But in some other cases they are terribly different from the original colors.
It seems to me as if the ranges of the ScalarMaps are not equal. But the
ScalarMaps of the 2D-display are exact copies of these of the 3d-display so the
ranges should also be exactly the same. Can you please help me out of this

cheers, Mathias

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