Re: getImage exception

Thanks, application spawns no new threads (it is swing-based,
if that makes any difference).

And to add to my problems...I had the bright idea of downloading
visad.jar again (the compiled classes), overwrote my old jar file, and
it turns out the visad.jar file on the ftp site is only 3k!  VisAD for
mobile phones?  No, just a bad archive :)  So...someone may want to
upload a good version...


Dave Glowacki wrote:
> Paul Gifford wrote:
> >   Here's my latest exception:
> >
> > visad.VisADError: cannot call getImage() from Thread: AWT-EventQueue-0
> >         at visad.DisplayImpl.getImage(
> >
> >
> >   Any thoughts?  I don't get the exception when I run Test50, but I
> > don't see what it is I'm doing differently.  A call to getImage() seems
> > pretty straightforward!
> You can get into a deadlock if you try to use getImage() from
> anything other than the main thread (sorry I can't be more
> specific ... this is something Bill fixed back in April and
> I don't remember the exact details.)
> Hopefully, this will be enough to jog someone else's memory
> about a better fix...


Paul Gifford, Capt, USAF
325 S Broadway EGC2
Boulder CO 80303

303-497-6556 voice
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