VisAD SpreadSheet now supports multiple data per cell

It is now possible to load multiple data objects into a
single spreadsheet cell, overlaying them in one display.
I am in the process of updating the SpreadSheet web site
( now.

In addition, I have overhauled much of the SpreadSheet's
code, including the collaboration support from the
ground up.  The API has changed noticeably in
support of multiple data per cell, and quite a few
methods have been deprecated.  If you have an
application built on top the API, it should
still work, but it will report using a deprecated API.

I have undoubtably introduced some bugs in this version,
but many bugs have also been fixed.  If you find a bug,
especially something that worked in the old SpreadSheet
but now no longer does, please report it to
curtis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx and hibbard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Thanks, and I hope everyone enjoys the new SpreadSheet!


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