Problem imaging a matrix "'hibbard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'" <hibbard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello visad users,

I'm a newbie.

I've been following through Ugo Taddei's VisAD Tutorial. In section 4.3 of the tutorial, it discusses an example where, among other things, a color and height mapped image of a matrix is obtained. I decided to substitute my own matrix and the resulting image didn't look like what I expected. So I decided to test things with an identity matrix instead. I expected to see a ridge along the diagonal. Instead I obtained a series of peaks (going to 1) and valleys (going to zero) along the diagonal. There are 5 peaks and 4 valleys. I've obtained the same results with both Java3D 1.2.2 and 1.3. Interestingly, if I comment out the line which adds the altitude map to the display, the resulting flat display is appropriately color mapped along the diagonal as I would expect. So whatever "problem" I'm having seems to be only in the z-mapping.

Are my assumptions about what I should expect correct? Any suggestions about what may be occurring would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Wallace George

PS: I'm using Windows NT 4.00 (service pack 5 I think) and the latest version of visad.

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