Re: VisAD now supports the ImmersaDesk (fwd)

You might have to use the right mouse button as well.  If neither of these 
work, you may also have to disable 'smart update' first.


Curtis Rueden <curtis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>I suspect in order to get the example,
>>I need to download `visad_examples.jar'.  But in attempting
>>the download from the visad home page, I get the message 
>> "SmartUpdate failed:  JAR archive failed security check.
>>  Corrupt JAR file."
>>Is this something that's fixable on my end?
>Some versions of Netscape Navigator report this error when
>attempting to download JAR files.  Hold Shift when clicking
>the file to save it to disk.

Tom Whittaker
University of Wisconsin-Madison
ph: 608/262-2759

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