VisAD now supports the ImmersaDesk (fwd)


I suspect in order to get the example,
I need to download `visad_examples.jar'.  But in attempting
the download from the visad home page, I get the message 

 "SmartUpdate failed:  JAR archive failed security check.
  Corrupt JAR file."

Is this something that's fixable on my end?


beth plale

> VisAD now supports the ImmersaDesk, via VRCO's trackd
> library.
> See visad/examples/ for an example of how to
> use this.


Beth Plale                      beth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Georgia Institute of Technology 1 404 894 1540
College of Computing            Fax  1 404 894 9442
Atlanta, GA  30332-0280  U.S. 

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