Re: Minimum Graphics memory requirement for 3D Applications

I cannot tell you the minimum, only what I use for VisAD (and other)
development: a IBM Thinkpad 600E (300MHz Pentium II, 256MB memory, 8GB
harddirve, and NeoMagick 256AV multimedia card).  I usually plug it into
a full-size monitor and keyboard at work.  I have Windoz NT on it, and
by putting U/Win over NT, I can use "/" and other Unix commands.

This setup works very well for VisAD development.   Memory is pretty
important -- I would  not get less than 256MB -- the more the merrier
(I'd get more, but I'm at the limit...)!


"Luke A. Catania" wrote:
> Could someone tell me what is the minumum recommened amount of graphics
> memory for developing 3D aplications with VisAD and for building any
> Java 3D
> aplications.  I am in the process of looking for a laptop/notebook and
> do
> not want to cut my self short by sacrificing graphics performance for
> portability.  Though I am looking for a lightweight notebook between 3.5
> -
> 6lbs, some of them do not have much graphics memory, such as the Fujitsu
> Lifebook S-4542 which only has 2.5MB, but I like that it is only 4lbs,
> and
> still has an internal DVD.
> I am not worried about having a system that can play any of the cool 3D
> games, but just want a decent development system.
> Any 3D developers out ther using laptops???
> Thanks,
> Luke

Tom Whittaker (tomw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Space Science and Engineering Center
Phone/VoiceMail: 608/262-2759
Fax: 608/262-5974

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