Re: Displaying Layered Data

Hi Vimal,

If your FieldImpl has MathType:

  (layer -> ((x, y) -> value))

you can display it as layers with ScalarMaps:

  layer -> ZAxis
  x -> XAxis
  y -> YAxis
  value -> RGB

By the way, can you please send your emails as plain text,
rather than attachments?  It would be much easier for some
of us.

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On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, Vimal Gopal wrote:

> Hello everyone,
>     It's me again.  I have a set of FlatFields stored in a FieldImpl.  What 
> is the best way to display this data using DisplayImplJ3D as a set of J2D 
> layers?
> Thanks,
> Vimal Gopal