Simple way to plot a Number?

Hello Visad users!

i'm trying to simple way to plot a real number at a given lat, lon location
in the display.  i've look at the text plot example, but can't find my way
through the data types.  can someone help me by pointing to an example, or
code snipet?

being stuck on a friday afternoon, any help would be much appriciated,

John F. Moses
Computer Sciences Corp.
EOSDIS Science Operations, ESDIS Project Code 423
BLD 32, S231B
Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, 20771
Voice @ GSFC:  (301) 614-5308
FAX @ GSFC:    (301) 614-5267
Email:          John.F.Moses@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Email:          jfmoses@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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