Post-Doc Opportunity in Korea

 Dear young Ph.D.'s from ASEAN/APEC and developing countries,
      The Virtual Ocean Environment Center at the Korea Ocean R&D Institute, 
Ansan nearby Seoul) Korea invites applications for one or two postdoctoral 
positions in VR programming and/or ocean numerical modeling.  Applications for 
one to two-year postdoc positions from individuals specialized in any 
sub-discipline or inter-discipline will be seriously considered. Preference 
will be given to candidates with strengths in coastal hydrodynamic numerical 
modeling and/or VR programming in C++, Java on Irix.  
        The application process is conducted through the KOSEF (Korea Science 
and Engineering Foundation). The KOSEF's foreign scientist program is opened to 
individuals from ASEAN ,APEC member states and many developing countries in the 
      Those Ph.D's who are interesting in the program, please visit the web of 
KOSEF and get detailed information (  ). Upon 
learning the program  policy and conditions, recent Ph.D.'s who are interesting 
in the subjects above mentioned should send a letter of interest, a resume, and 
a list of references to me before submit the application form to the KOSEF. Due 
date to KOSEF application is on 30th of September 2000.
 Cheers, /csk/
  Chang S. Kim, Ph.D.               * email: surfkim@xxxxxxxxxxx       
  Korea Ocean R&D Institute        * URL: 
  Coastal Environ Engineering Lab. * URL:
 1270 Sadong Ansan 425-170 South Korea   /Voice&Fax: +82-(0)31-400-6340     
                         /VR Ocean Lab: 400-6335

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