Re: VisAD on Panoram

Might be a problem in J3D....

I searched Sun's JDC and found the following posted on 19 Jun 00:

Proposed API Change for Default Physical Screen Size

In order to fix a problem when running Java 3D on a monitor with a non-standard
aspect ratio (e.g., portrait mode or HDTV resolution), we propose to
modify the default values of physical screen width and height, such that the
default physical aspect ratio is the same as the pixel aspect ratio. Without
change, all images rendered by Java 3D on an HDTV-resolution monitor, for
example, are compressed in the Y direction; a cube becomes a rectangular box,
roughly 40% wider than it is high. A similar compression happens in the X
direction for a portrait-mode monitor.

It is proposed that the default values for PhysicalScreenWidth and
PhysicalScreenHeight be changed from their current hard-coded, constant values
of 0.35
and 0.27, respectively, to meters_per_pixel*width_in_pixels and
meters_per_pixel*height_in_pixels. The meters_per_pixel constant is set to
the metric equivalent of 90dpi (dots per inch). Thus, the new default values are
as follows:

    physical screen width : 0.0254/90.0 * screen width (in pixels)
    physical screen height : 0.0254/90.0 * screen height (in pixels)

Refer to the javadoc for the Screen3D class for more information.

James Kelly
Regional Computing and Distributed Systems        Bureau of Meteorology
PO Box 1289K                                  Melbourne 3001, Australia
Phone: 61-3-9669-4724 Fax: 61-3-9669-4128     Email: J.Kelly@xxxxxxxxxx

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