VisAD on Panoram

We just installed an HP Visualize Center using Unix computers from HP
running HP/UX and a large format Panoram display system. We installed VisAD
with Java and Java3D (I think it is called HP3D by HP) from the HP site. It
all came up the first time which was very nice.

We are having a problem with the aspect ratio of the display when running
the Earth example. It comes out looking like a football when it starts up
in the small window. When we expand to the full panoramic display (2560 X
768) is fills the screen fully but at the wrong aspect ratio.

Do you know of a setting in Java3D, VisAD or in the X drivers for OpenGL
that can be set manually or automatically to the correct aspect ratio? Is
there a mechanism in Java3D or VisAD to sense the aspect ratio and adjust
to it on startup?

Mike Redmond
UW-Madison eMedia Center

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