Re: A beginner question


Chances are, you are using JDK 1.3.  Check the visad\Makefile.WinNT file.  
You'll notice that there are three lines that must be commented out for the 
compile to work properly with JDK 1.3.  Once you comment out these lines, you 
can run "nmake -f Makefile.WinNT recompile".

Alternatively, from a command prompt at your VisAD directory, you can do:
   move visad\*.class .
   move cluster\visad\cluster\*.class cluster
   move collab\visad\collab\*.class collab
   rmdir visad
   rmdir cluster\visad\cluster
   rmdir cluster\visad
   rmdir collab\visad\collab
   rmdir collab\visad

Let the list know if you have any more problems.


At 11:19 8/8/00, you wrote:
>Hello All,
>I am a beginner in VisAD and I am not too expert in Java. I downloaded the 
>source codes of VisAD and I already have compiled them with success. However, 
>when I tried to run spreadsheet program working under windows platform I found 
>an error message that says "Cannot construct spreadsheet cells. A remote error 
>occured: Stub class not found: visad.RemoteDataReferenceImpl_Stub; 
>nest..............."   .The same source code runs perfectly under Linux 
>Do you know what is the problem?
>Thanks in advance,
>Carlos Hoyos

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