Re: 20000802: Scales

Hi Don, hi all,

I thought I'd "vote for this 'bug'", because I've wanted prettier looking
scales, but never dared to do anything about it.
My only comments would be:

>    Major Tick Spacing  - Tick mark spacing used for major Ticks
>    Minor Ticks Spacing - Tick mark spacing used for minor ticks

Is it better to have "spacing" or "number of ticks" as the parameter?

>    Tick Mark visibility - whether ticks are visible or not
>    Tick Labels         - which ticks are labeled

I'd only allow major ticks to be labelled. And then have the choice of which
of them shouldn't be labelled. Something like "t =2" would mean "label every
second major tick".

And a thought, while we're on the subject: when graphs have 2 different
scales on the same axes, then the scales are often drawn on opposite sides.
I find they look much better this way  (they're more symmetrical). Would it
be possible to have this option in VisAD (I reckon this applies to 2d
displays only)? What do the others think?

Anyway, I look forward to seeing the changes suggested by Don.



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