Re: user-defined color tables; cross sections

> Si Stu,
> > First, please remind me how to create a set of pre-defined
> > color tables, and apply them to a display. 

I'd like to have a set of pre-defined color tables (e.g. rainbow,
reverse rainbow, earth...) from which a user can choose. Has anybody
done anything like this with VisAD? 

I thought about taking a file-based approach where a ColorTable class
could open/save color tables from/to files with some human
readable/editable format.

On the other hand, I'd rather avoid the baggage of more files to carry
around. I thought of a ColorTable class with static ColorTables (akin to
RealType.Longitude). I could then extend ColorTable to make MyColorTable
which could define some more static ColorTables with or without using

Any thoughts?

Are there other "standard" color tables in the vis community that could
be adapted to VisAD?


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