Re: RemoteDisplay vs. RemoteSlaveDisplay

Hi Vimal,

A RemoteDisplayImpl is the VisAD class for any Display coming from a remote 
source.  Many VisAD collaborative applications use RemoteDisplayImpls to 
synchronize displays between client and server.  A RemoteSlaveDisplayImpl is a 
special type of RemoteDisplay (you'll notice that the constructor takes a 
RemoteDisplay object) whose component simply paints a BufferedImage captured 
from the RemoteDisplay.  MouseEvents on the component are sent via RMI to the 
DisplayImpl on the server end, and when the DisplayImpl changes, a new image 
snapshot of it is taken and sent via RMI to the RemoteSlaveDisplayImpl.

The advantage of a RemoteSlaveDisplayImpl is that you do not need Java3D on the 
client to view 3-D data, since all the rendering is done on the server.  The 
disadvantages are that it is much slower than a regular RemoteDisplayImpl, and 
that you cannot manipulate a RemoteSlaveDisplayImpl to the extent of a normal 
display (you cannot alter ScalarMaps, for example).

I hope my explanation helps.  Let the list know if you have more questions.


At 14:39 7/13/00, you wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>    I was going through the VisAD developer's guide and it's not clear to me 
> what the difference is between RemoteDisplayImpl and RemoteSlaveDisplayImpl.  
> If anyone can offer any insight, I'd greatly appreciate it.
>Thanks as always,
>Vimal B. Gopal

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