Re: DefaultFamily question

[I'm forwarding this answer to the list, under the assumption that
 it's of general interest]

"Vimal Gopal" wrote:
> I have a
> question regarding the DefaultFamily class.  What file format does the save
> method in that class save exactly?  Is it a .vad file, or a netCDF?

It depends on the filename; specifying "" saves the file in netCDF
format, "foo.vad" saves in VisAD format, etc.

However, only FITS, HDF5, netCDF, and VisAD have save() methods, so
"foo.gif" will end up saved in FITS format (since that's the first
method on DefaultFamily's list.)  I suppose this should be a bit
more intelligent...

> Also, with open method, what types will it open?

Right now, FITS, GIF/JPG/PNG, HDF-EOS, netCDF, Vis5D, VisAD,
McIDAS AREA and HDF5 are supported.

If those aren't enough for you, adding new a data type to DefaultFamily
is easy (once you've done the "trivial" work of writing a VisAD file
adaptor :-)

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